Silky Terrier Dog Breed Toy

Australian Silky Terrier Dog Breed Toy

The Australian Silky Terrier is a small breed of toy dog of the terrier dog type. The Australian Silky Terrier dog is a small and compact short legged terrier, 9 to 10 in at the withers, alert and active. The long silky blue and tan coat is an identifying feature, hanging straight and parted along the back, and described as “flat, fine and glossy”.

All proportions and aspects of the body and head as well as desirable shades of blue and tan and placement of markings are extensively described in the breed standard. Silky Yorkshire Terrier dog has strong and wedge-shaped head. The eyes are small and almond shaped. According to the standards, light-colored eyes are considered a fault. The ears are small and carried erect. Silky terrier dog has a high-set tail and small, almost catlike, feet.

6 Activities to Do With Your Silky Terrier

Silky Terrier dogs  are very flexible little dogs and love to spend time with their family; so you can take your pet to most activities with you. However, here are five activities Silky Yorkshire Terrier dog love to do:

1. Walking

It doesn’t matter if you are walking to the mailbox five feet away or going on a five mile hike, these dogs like to go for walks. Parks, trails, or around the block – they do not care as long as they get to go.

Just remember to take water and clean up bags for your little adventure.

2. The beach

An all time favorite of the Silky Terrier is the beach. Running with the wind in their hair, smelling the fresh ocean air and trying to chase the birds. Hmmm what could be better than that?

3. Traveling

Most Silky Terriers love to travel. Usually all it takes is for you to grab your keys and they are at the door ready and waiting for you to take them out and into the vehicle. Going in the motor home? No problem, this dog will be your second in command. In the car? No problem, just roll down the window so they can catch a breeze.

If traveling for long distances, it’s always a good idea to take potty breaks. You’ll probably want to make sure that you have a leash handy for when you stop. Do not open the car doors until you know the dog is not going to jump out.

4. Visiting Family & Friends

If you are going to someone’s house that is pet friendly then your Silky wants to go with you. Terriers are social butterflies and want to socialize with people and other dogs whenever given the chance.

5. Showing or Agility Classes

Not only will your Silky Terrier love all of the attention, you will meet so many wonderful people. Plus they will get their exercise – especially in agility!

6. Spending time with you

No surprise, but spending quality time with their companion is at the top of their to do list. Whether you are cuddling on the couch or just chillin’ by the pool, this dog will be your constant companion.

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