Pug Dog Breed Toy

Pug Dog Breed Toy

The Pug is a toy dog breed with a wrinkly, short muzzled face, and curled tail. Pug puppies are often called puglets. The breed has a fine, glossy coat that come in a variety of colors, and a compact square body with well-developed muscle. Their fine, glossy coats can be fawn, apricot, silver or black. There are two different types of a Pug dog ears, “rose” and “button”. “Rose” ears are smaller than the standard style “button” and are folded with the front edge against the side of the head. Breeding preference goes to “button” style Pugs. The legs are very strong, straight, of moderate length, and are set well under. The shoulders are moderately laid back.

The Pug Pup – Plenty Of Fun

If you are looking for a dog that will keep you company and wants to be with you all the time then the Pug dog is a great dog. It is bred specifically because it is such a great companion dog. The Pug puppy is energetic and this energy will last a good two or three years depending on your Pug puppy. If this sounds appealing to you then the Pug is the right dog for you. There are however some downside’s to having a Pug dog.

Pug puppy care is quite extensive and you will need to make sure your Pug puppy gets taken care of properly to ensure a happy and healthy life for your Pug. If you don’t want a high maintenance dog then the Pug is not for you. Besides regular grooming and cleaning the Pug also could potentially have some serious health problems. If you are not prepared for this type of care then you should probably not get a Pug.

Because of its short muzzle your Pug is prone to breathing difficulties. This is a serious health problem and means that your Pug puppy should never be exposed to extreme temperatures. That means keeping your Pug puppy indoors in the air conditioning during summer when the weather is very hot and humid. Pug puppies and adult Pugs are prone to heat stroke and excessive exposure to heat can lead to organ failure. Even being out in the winter is dangerous so the rule is to keep your Pug dog out of very hot and very cold weather.

Regular grooming is an absolute must as part of Pug puppy care. Regular grooming will help to lessen the shedding problem that all Pugs have and keep your Pug happy. Don’t be fooled by it’s short hair, a Pug just like some long haired breeds needs plenty of regular grooming. You will also have to clean between the folds of your Pugs skin regularly. Nail trimming is also a must as Pug’s nails grow very fast.

Watch Pug dog doing tricks with fun

Cold water is an effective way to cool down a Pug pup that looks like it’s over heating. You should also take your Pug dog to the doctor as soon as you can once you notice signs of sunstroke. A handy tip is to keep an ice bag for small necks, usually used by children, in case of such an emergency. You should also brush your Pug’s teeth regularly. This will help avoid gum disease and also help you monitor the condition of your Pug’s mouth. You will be able to notice anything unusual and ask you vet about it.

Pugs are a breed that needs a lot of love and attention and if this doesn’t bother you then they are ideal dogs for you. They will reward you with as much, if not more, love and are suited to anyone who does not lead a very active or outdoor oriented life. Because of their small size and low activity they are great for anyone living in small spaces or apartments. Think carefully before buying a Pug dog and when you do decide to get one you will have all the fun that comes with a Pug puppy.

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