Poodle Dog Breed Toy

Poodle Dog Breed Toy

The Poodle is a toy dog breed, and is regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. The poodle dog breed is found, in toy, miniature and standard sizes. Most poodles have a dense, curly, non-shedding coat that requires regular grooming. Since poodles do not have the plush double coat of many breeds same like Indestructible Plush Dog Toys, their fur is often referred to as “hair”, a term usually reserved for humans. Most poodles are solid-colored, and many registries allow only solid colors in conformation shows. Unlike many breeds, poodles can come in a variety of sizes, distinguished by adult shoulder (withers) height. The exact height cutoffs among the varieties vary slightly from country to country.

Smartest Poodle Dog – The Toy Poodle

The poodle is the only breed that comes in three registered varieties. The three recognized types are the Standard Poodle, the Miniature Poodle and the Toy Poodle. The Standard Poodle dog is the largest of the three varieties, followed by the Miniature version and then the Toy version. The puppy is considered to be a small dog of high intelligence. More sensitive than the Standard and Miniature varieties, it is also considered the smartest of the three. A member of the American Kennel Club Toy Group, the Toy Poodle dog weights between 6 and 9 pounds and is up to 10 inches tall. The toy poodledog Pis one that is known for being smart, and intelligent.

The breed comes in a variety of solid colors, including blue, black, cream, brown, gray, silver and apricot. This is a dog that has long and floppy ears, sometimes they look a little too long for the small head that this dog has. They have a long, straight muzzle and bright, dark eyes. This dog is elegant in stature with its curly coat that can be groomed in different styles.

They are often “barkers,” but with appropriate training the barkers can be curtailed. They do need to be socialized from an early age and can tend to be excessive barkers if not trained properly in this area. Puppies do not like strangers and are reserved around children and other dogs. They generally bond with one owner for life and they are extremely loyal to that individual and will defend them at all cost, despite their size. However, a true “lap dog,” the Toy Poodle dog expects an equal amount of loyalty and love in return.

Check Cute poodle puppy BB doing cool tricks

People with allergies, respiratory problems, or even people with a disability that would find cleaning up after a dog difficult would love owning toy poodle puppies as this dog does not shed. However, all Poodles need a lot of grooming in order to keep them free of tangles. As the hair on the toy poodle is one that is curly, very curly and therefore, must be brushed and clipped on regular schedules to keep the hair from becoming messy.

The puppy is sensitive but extremely intelligent. They are very responsive and alert. The Toy Poodle dog needs people contact to balance and enjoy life. They do not do well all alone for long periods of time. The Toy Poodle can make a great family pet, a great show dog and performer. This can be very long-lived breed if given the appropriate care and may live longer than 15 years. An hour of daily exercise is necessary to do away with boredom and to add to physical fitness, in Toy Poodles.

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