Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Toy

Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Toy

The Italian Greyhound is a small breed of toy dog of the sight hound type. The Italian Greyhound is the smallest of the sight hounds, typically weighing about 8 to 18 lb and standing about 13 to 15 inches tall at the withers. Though they are in the toy group based on their weight, they are larger than other dogs in the category due to their slender bodies.

The Italian Greyhound’s chest is deep, with a tucked up abdomen, long slender legs and a long neck that tapers down to a small head. The face is long and pointed.

Favorite Activities of the Italian Greyhound Dog

The Italian Greyhound is a very lovable, engaging dog breed which loves playing with its family. The dogs may participate in several show events and competitions; they excel at lure coursing, agility, obedience and conformation events. An Italian Greyhound truly thrives at agility events and when they are not in a show, they love to relax and lounge. One could say an Italian Greyhound is one of the cuddliest and snuggly of all dog breeds, they truly enjoy nothing more than being in the lap of their most favorite person.

As much as an Italian Greyhound loves being with its family, the dog is also very social and loves interacting with other dogs. They do particularly well with dogs they have been well-socialized with, however, when introducing the dog to a larger breed it should be done using extreme caution. A larger dog breed could easily injure an Italian Greyhound and the dogs are so tenacious, they would not know when to step back. An Italian Greyhound gets along well with a cat and enjoys playing with them; they have even been known to nap in the sunshine together on occasion.

An Italy Greyhound adores lounging on the sofa or being curled up in bed with its master. The dog loves nothing more than being snuggled up under the covers in a tight little ball. An Italian Greyhound will wait patiently for an owner to offer them a spot under the covers; however, the dog has also been known to sneak under the covers without an invitation. When it is nap time, you will find the Italian Greyhound contentedly curled up on the couch next to their owner. An Italian Greyhound is a very social dog and who loves nothing more than curling up and seeks a warm and welcoming spot in the lap of their adoring owner.

Italian Greyhound Dog Playtime and Bonding

Another thing an Italian Greyhound loves to do is play with toys, particularly of the stuffed variety. The dog loves to play with them, but have also been known to shred them apart if given the chance. Playing fetch and catch is another activity the dogs love to do and they are very adept at fetching and retrieving. The dogs not only love the activity, they love the chance to share playtime and bonding with their owner.

When an Italy Greyhound is relaxing in the home, they love being in high spots. The dogs love lounging in windowsill’s or on the top of a sofa or the back of a chair. An Italy Greyhound will even climb up to the top of a table if permitted or left unattended. A windowsill is a favored spot of the dog because they can bask in the sunshine and enjoy looking out the window and seeing all the action going on outside. The dogs love being outdoors on a sunny day and particularly enjoys lying in the sun on a fuzzy blanket. If your family spends much time outside, your dog will want to be right by your side enjoying the warmth of the sun, surrounded by the company of their loving family.

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