Havanese Dog Breed Toy

Havanese Dog Breed toy

The Havanese a breed of toy dog of the Bichon type, which do not shed. They are very playful dogs and good with older, more considerate children. They love to be on furniture, and they are smaller-sized dogs bred to be companions. The Havanese Dog, while a toy dog, is hardy and sturdy for its size, and it does not give the appearance of fragility or of being overly delicate.

Weight range is generally from 8-15 pounds. The height range is from 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches, with the ideal being between 9 and 10.5 inches, measured at the withers.

What To Expect From A Havanese

One of the most positive and prevalent traits you can expect from your Havanese dog is companionship and devotion. A Havanese can live in a small apartment setting with ease. They don’t require the amount of space or exercise requirements that larger dogs require. Therefore, in many ways a Havanese dog is very easy to care for.

Various dog breeds are prone to many common health ailments and diseases. The great thing about the Havanese breed is that it has relatively few genetic diseases in its history. This is a welcome note to any Havanese owner or anyone that is interested in finding their own wonderful Havanese dog. The genetic problems of the Havanese include autoimmune skin conditions, cataracts and progressive retina atrophy.

I must stress, however, that it is still important to maintain quality preventative care through vaccinations, heart worm pills, and flea & tick medications. These preventative health measures are necessary for virtually every breed of dog. A Havanese has a typical life span of around 16-18 years.

Information Personality Of The Havanese

This is probably the one burning question that many potential Havanese owners ask. What is their personality like? Well let me go through that for you right now:

  • Temperament

The temperament of a Havanese is playful and alert. The Havanese breed is brave even though they are smaller then most other dogs. This courage helps them to be a great watch dog. They are devoted to their family.

The Havanese breed is good with children. The key is to treat the Havanese like a companion and not a toy. Remember they are not a fragile doll and can play and romp with the best of them. Their playful attitude and active nature make them great friends for walks, swimming, and playing in the yard. The Havanese tends to be an indoor dog, but they need exercise as well.

The Havanese makes a great house pet and work well with kids. It is critical to teach your children to respect your Havanese and create a loving relationship.

  • Toy Breed

The Havanese breed is a member of the Toy group as classified by the American Kennel Club. The toy breed is small in stature which makes them wonderful apartment and house dogs. The Havanese can be a great choice for someone that lives in the city.

  • Exercise Requirements

A Havanese dog loves to curl up on the couch with you. However, they do also like to take a walk. In fact, walking should be part of their exercise plan. A Havanese will often be ready to play, but at times will want you to carry them during the walk. This can be tempting, especially because they are so cute!

Don’t carry them. This will only spoil them. They need the exercise or they will become restless and irritable. A restless, bored, and irritable dog is prone to behavioral problems.

Exercise and play not only keeps your dog physically fit, but it promotes their mental health as well. Keep your Havanese happy and healthy with games, walks, and a good belly rub.

  • Great Family Dog

A Havanese can make a wonderful family dog. This breed is good with children if you train and socialize them properly. They have an innate need to watch over their family. They may not be able to attack an intruder, but they can let you know with a bark that an intruder is present.

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