Chinese Crested Dog Breed Toy

Chinese Crested Dog Breed Toy

The Chinese Crested Dog is a smaller 10–13 lbs hairless breed of toy dog Like most hairless dog breeds, the Chinese Crested comes in two varieties, both with and without fur. The Hairless has soft, human like skin, as well as fur on its paws and tail and long, flowing hair on its head. The amount of body hair on the hairless variety varies, from the true hairless , to what is called a hairy hairless, which if left un-groomed often grows a near-full coat of hair.

 The look of the Powder puff varies according to how it is groomed.

Grooming the Chinese Crested Dog Breed

The Chinese Crested was carried by sailors from Africa to China and nearly every other port of call. Fanciers are found everywhere; however the breed has never reached great popularity. It has been exhibited in circuses and carnivals as a freak. This little dog has many qualities that go unrecognized.

The Chinese Crested is seen in two types. One is the hairless type and the other is called the Powder puff type with a full coat. The Powder puff type is nearly identical to the hairless except for the coat. The two are interbred and shown together.

The Powder puff’s coat care is probably less demanding than the skin care of the hairless type. The Powder puff is covered entirely with long, soft hair (referred to as a “veil”). You will need only to brush and comb occasionally and bath when dirty to keep the Powder puff looking “spiffy.”

The hairless type requires moisturizing creams applied daily, sun block for the light-skinned dogs and a coat is needed in cool weather. The hairless type is prone to blackheads and will need special shampoos to control this problem. The hairless type Chinese Crested has a crest of hair on its head, extending partway down the neck. There are socks covering its toes, as well as a plume on the tail. The rest of the body is hairless.

The Chinese Crested is an active and unique household companion. He will follow his owners around the house, play games with the children and join in family activities. He is a superior family pet. He also can serve as an adequate alarm dog. The Chinese Crested is a good choice for an older child’s playmate.

You will need a good-quality bristle brush and a safety razor (to shave the face) for the Hairless variety. For the Powder puff purchase a good-quality bristle brush, a wide-toothed comb and clippers for the coat.

The skin of the Hairless type requires frequent moisturizing. You can use baby oil or Nivea face cream to massage into the hairless parts to keep the skin smooth and nicely moisturized.

Grooming procedure for the Hairless:

  • Keep the Hairless type clean with frequent baths, and us a good shampoo followed by a moisturizer (you can also use baby lotion to moisturize the skin of the Hairless Chinese Crested.
  • The crest, socks and plume should be blow-dried with a good bristle brush.
  • When hair appears on the body of the Hairless type, you need to remove it.
  • Remove the facial hair with a safety razor or an Oster No. 40 blade against the grain. You can also be used to remove body hair. Be careful when using a razor to remove the hair from a Chinese Crested. If you are at all apprehensive about using a razor, consult a professional groomer.
  • Large patches of hair on the Hairless Chinese Crested are classed as a fault in the show ring.
  • Towel-dry and finish with a hair dryer on the crest, socks and plume. Brush these areas very carefully with a bristle brush. Avoid brushing on the skin areas.

Grooming procedure for the Powder puff:

  • You will need to brush the Powder puff coat frequently with a bristle or pin brush.
    Daily brushing may be necessary as the Chinese Crested puppy coat changes to the adult coat.
  • Mats should be teased out with thumb and forefinger.
  • When all mats are removed work through the coat with a bristle or pin brush.
  • Tangles and mats may be found in the area between the front legs and the inside of the elbows. Teach your Chinese Crested to lie on its side while you remove these mats.
  • To keep the coat of the Powder puff Chinese Crested looking nice bath regularly with a good-quality dog shampoo. Follow the bath with a blow-drying.
  • Brush the coat of a Powder puff Chinese Crested in layers with the lie of the coat. If you use a pin brush be extra careful not to cause the dog discomfort.
  • After bathing, brushing and blow-drying, the face can be shaved using clippers (10 mm blade). Take a line from the outer corner of the eye to the ear and in a gentle curve from the ear down to the “Adam’s apple.” In the U.S., however, the Powder puff face is not shaved.
  • Check between the pads of the feet for felting and remove to prevent discomfort to the Powder puff Chinese Crested when walking.
  • Finish off with a wide-toothed comb if desired. This will find any remaining tangles in the coat.
  • Check the Powder puff Chinese Crested’ nails, ears and teeth. The nails should be moderately long.

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