The Wonderful World of Toy Breed Dogs

The Wonderful World of Toy Breed Dogs

Small toy dogs teach us more about the mystery and magic of canines than the larger dog breeds. Sharing your life with a toy dog can be one of the most enjoyable and intimate experiences you will have with a pet. These little guys will follow you from room to room. In fact, they can be quite nosey. The toy dogs just love to know exactly what you are doing at all times. He will hop on your lap suddenly while you are reading or watching T.V. You will just routinely start to take him with you on all your errands. Just be sure you have chosen the right type of dog carrier for all your expeditions with these toy dogs, or better yet, with the choices we have today in dog carriers and dog accessories you will want to have a different dog carrier for each type of journey.

About Small pocket-sized toy breed dogs

There is a pocket-sized toy breed dog for every kind of dog lover, teeny tiny Terriers, Poodles and Yorkies, Japanese Chin, Pomeranian, Miniature Pinschers, teacup and imperial size Shih Tzu, and Chihuahuas. The little guys look so sweet and adorable dressed up in the latest of dog fashions and accessories.

The toy dogs can do almost anything their larger canine cousins can do, but they do it in less space. Humans don’t have to be top athletes to keep up with them. The toy dogs have a spirit that is every bit as big as the dogs 10 times his size. He just comes in a much handier package to haul around.

The little guys fit into our lives in a way big dogs just can’t. As we live closely with each other, we breathe the same air; we experience the same places and hear each other’s heartbeats. This connection with your little guy may be the most profound bond you’ll have with any animal in a lifetime. Registration for larger dogs has decreased while registration for the little guys continues to increase.

Although it can be very rewarding to share you life with toy dogs, it can also be quite frustrating. There are always negatives to everything in life we encounter. The toy breeds seem to be notoriously harder to housetrain. If they decide not to come to you when you call for them, well then that is just the way it is. You have a pocket-sized rocket racing between your feet that you can’t catch no matter how hard you try.

There is hope, however, and with all that said, you can still live peaceably with the little guys. It just takes a little more patience and time with all things you want him to learn.

We All Love My Toy Dog Collections

And after all is said and done with toy dogs, when you dress up your little guy or gal in the latest from the dog fashion world for your Sunday afternoon stroll in the park, you will still be glad you gave your heart and home to that cute, adorable little bundle of fur.

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